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Investor's Choice

An early-stage investor who embodies the spirit and vision of Sig Mosley as nominated by their peers

Founder's Favorite

An early-stage investor who has a deep commitment to founders and has worked closely with them to help launch, fund and scale their ventures

The Horizon Award

A rising early-stage investor who will help lead the way to build and support the Atlanta eco-system in the years ahead

Conscious Capital Award

This award will be given to an entity, institution or individual with a track record of supporting and investing in entrepreneurs and innovative solutions that achieve a measurable social impact in communities in Atlanta and beyond, that meet the following criteria:

- 3 or more years in operation with demonstrated social impact metrics

- An in-person or digital platform, place or program that invests in and advances Atlanta’s entrepreneurial eco-system

- Supports and represents the diversity of Atlanta’s communities

- Provides access and opportunities that create value for founders and enterprises/businesses facing barriers

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